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Orange County
OSH Activist Network

The O.C. OSH Activist Network was formed in 2022.


Our broad goal is to address the various impacts on the lives of workers including housing, chemical exposure on the job, and to encourage workers to fight for stronger workplace protections.

Our Coalition

  • C.A. Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative

  • CHIRLA O.C. Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights

  • CLUE Orange County Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice

  • MCTF Orange County Maintenance Corporation Trust Fund

  • NUHW National Union of Healthcare Workers

  • OCCORD Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development

  • SMART 170 International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation Workers

  • Tenayuca Labor Project

  • UFCW 324 United Food and Commercial Workers

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Campaigns and Efforts

  • CLUE OC Community Gathering

  • Clean Up Kingspan!


Activist Network Highlights

  • Santa Ana Workers' Memorial Day Commemoration

    • April 28 is recognized as Workers' Memorial Day across the U.S. This year, 2022, was the first year Santa Ana proclaimed and recognized the day due to the advocacy of the O.C. OSH Activist Network.​​​

  • Kingspan Delegation

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