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Inland Empire
OSH Activist Network

We aim to shed light and educate working people and communities about challenges to workplace health and safety such as injuries, illnesses and deaths.


We aim to bring health and safety tools and support to the Inland Empire.

Our Coalition

  • CSEA California School Employees Association

  • IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

  • I.E. Black Worker Center

  • I.E. Labor Council

  • Iron Workers

  • Jobs to Move America

  • Lideres Campesinas

  • PEOC Pomona Economic Opportunity Center

  • Pomona Worker Center

  • SEIU 2015 Service Employees International Union

  • UAW 230 CAP United Auto Workers Community Action Program

  • UDW 3930 United Domestic Workers of America

  • UFCW 1167 United Food and Commercial Workers Union 

  • Warehouse Worker Resource Center


Campaigns and Efforts

  • Health and Safety Trainings for Amazon Workers

  • Support for Local Healthcare Facilities

  • New Flyer Campaign Support


Activist Network Highlights

  • Expanding the Network

  • Regionally connecting with Workplace Health and Safety Enforcement Agencies

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